The mayor of Milan Beppe Sala claims that Inter Milan and their president Steven Zhang are interested in the San Siro renovation project.

In 2019, the Nerazzurri and their crosstown rivals AC Milan launched a project to build a modern stadium in place of the current ground.

However, local authorities prevented them from demolishing the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium due to its historical and cultural significance.

Therefore, the two clubs went in separate directions. The Rossoneri are looking to build their own stadium in San Donato, with Inter doing likewise in the Rozzano region.

Nevertheless, Milano mayor Sala is still hoping to keep the two clubs, or at least one of them, within the city walls.

The municipality thus launched a project aiming to renovate the San Siro without having to demolish it.

Nevertheless, Sala admitted that Milan don’t seem too keen on embarking on this project.

“What we want and need is clarity. On February 1st, we sent a letter to Milan,” explains the City Mayor via Calcio e Finanza.

“If they no longer have an interest in San Siro, then let them say so. Rather than revealing it in an interview with an English newspaper, take a pen and paper and write to the municipality.”

Milan Mayor Sala Believes Inter Milan President Steven Zhang Is Willing To Consider San Siro Project

Nevertheless, Sala changed his tone when talking about Inter.

The mayor claims that the Nerazzurri are open to the idea after having positive talks with club president Steven Zhang.

“I see an interest on Inter’s behalf. I learned some things from a phone call with Zhang.

“The first is that he intends to continue to serve as Inter president and to retain control over the club. I think this is a good thing for everyone.

“The second is that he has an interest in studying the San Siro project, and he will do this with the WeBuild feasibility study.

“He wants to figure out whether the work can be conducted while the stadium remains active or not.

“If not, Inter have already told me that they wouldn’t be interested. And I have to agree with their view.”