Referee Giovanni Ayroldi has come under fire for awarding Inter Milan a penalty incorrectly against Genoa yesterday.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, also take the official to task for a “senseless” yellow card given to Nerazzurri captain Lautaro Martinez for diving.

Refereeing has been under a spotlight in Serie A recently. And unfortunately, the performance of Ayroldi in yesterday’s match will do little to allay the controversy.

Overall, the Gazzetta notes, the official never quite seemed to have full control of proceedings.

Ayrodli struggled to clearly communicate his decisions to the players.

And in one particular, decisive instance, the newspaper argue that the referee got it completely wrong.

Ayroldi Criticized Over Inter Penalty In Serie A Win Vs Genoa

In the closing stages of yesterday’s match, Ayroldi awarded Inter a penalty.

This was for a challenge by Genoa midfielder Morten Frendrup on Inter’s Nicolo Barella in the penalty area.

It was a last-ditch challenge by the Grifone player as Barella lined up a shot from close range at the end of a counterattack.

At first viewing, it was clear that Frendrup had made contact with Barella after the shot was already taken.

Ayroldi felt that the challenge was late enough even if the shot was already gone. He pointed to the spot.

The VAR even intervened, advising Ayroldi to take a look at the incident again in the pitchside monitor.

But the referee did not change his mind. The penalty stood, and Alexis Sanchez scored from the spot to double Inter’s advantage.

The problem that later became evident was that another angle showed that Frendrup had actually gotten a touch on the ball to block Barella’s shot.

Therefore, it would seem to be a perfectly clean challenge by the Dane.

Ayroldi did not have this angle to see when he went to his monitor. Meanwhile, the angles which the referee did see did not show any perceptible change of direction to Barella’s shot.

But it seems damning and clear-cut – the penalty was the wrong decision. And decisive considering the margin of Inter’s victory.

“Senseless” Yellow Card To Lautaro Martinez

Meanwhile, the Gazzetta note, there was another very questionable moment from Ayroldi in the second half.

The referee gave Inter captain Lautaro Martinez a yellow card for simulation after he went down in the box as he challenged for the ball with Genoa defender Johan Vazquez.

The Mexican’s challenge was a fair one and not a penalty. But at the same time, Martinez just seemed to lose his balance and didn’t appeal for the penalty.

So for the Gazzetta, the yellow card was “senseless.”