The mayor of Milano Beppe Sala claims that Inter Milan and AC Milan are intrigued by the municipality’s plan to renovate San Siro.

Sala is still trying desperately to keep the two clubs within the city walls.

However, the Rossoneri are currently working on building a new home at San Donato while the Nerazzurri are doing likewise in Rozzano.

Nevertheless, both Milan and Inter agreed to sit at the table and listen to the mayor’s proposals.

The parties held a summit on Friday with WeBuild, the building company entrusted with the project.

After the meeting, Sala told the press that he noted interest on Inter and Milan’s behalf.

“The managers of Inter, Milan and WeBuild were present. The spirit was good but we still have some work to do,” declared the Milano mayor via FcInterNews.

The Municipality welcomes the proposal to carry out this analysis. The study should be complete by June.

“The teams have confirmed that in a few days, their requests will arrive regarding what must be in the stadium. This includes VIP seats and improvement of services, accessibility and also external services such as commercial spaces and lounges.

“We shall see if we can pull it off at a sustainable cost. It depends on what the teams ask for. Above all, the stadium must remain active during construction work.

“But I don’t expect them to slow down their alternative projects. It is equally clear that if WeBuild are going to produce a good plan that meets the requirements. At that point, I would expect a response from the teams.

“The atmosphere around the table is very positive, the teams are looking at this option with interest.”

Mayor Sala Claims Inter Milan & AC Milan Are Interested In New San Siro Project

Moreover, Sala confirmed that the clubs don’t want to raise the prices of the tickets in the future.

“The two clubs can’t imagine increasing the prices. They currently have 70 thousand fans in attendance every match and they cannot ask them to pay more.

“The timing? WeBuild has expressed the necessity to work intensely from May to August. I imagine it would require a couple of years. They are convinced that they can do it.”

On another note, Sala insists that he’d like to transmit the ownership of the stadium from the municipality to the two clubs.

“We would like to find the formula to hand over the stadium to the two clubs. After all, the work of the private companies is quicker.”