A report in the Italian press reveals when Inter Milan and AC Milan will deliver their final answer to the municipality regarding the San Siro project.

The two giants recently went in separate directions after failing to find a breakthrough in their plans to build a new modern stadium at San Siro.

The local authorities prohibited the demolition of the current stadium, citing its historical and cultural significance.

Therefore, Milan have launched their own project at San Donato, while Inter are doing likewise in Rozzano.

Yet, the Milano municipality is still eager to keep the two clubs at San Siro.

Mayor Giuseppe Sala has recently launched a new project, aiming to renovate the current ground.

Sala held a meeting with Milan and Inter earlier today to discuss the plans with WeBuild, the building company entrusted with the project.

While the two clubs didn’t comment on what went on during the summit, the mayor highlighted the most important points of the discussions.

As Rai (via FcInterNews) explains, WeBuild will present its project to the parties in June.

Afterwards, Inter and Milan must present their answer. They will either agree to embark on the renovation plans or decline the offer in favor of pursuing their own projects.

Inter Milan & AC Milan To Give Definitive Answer On San Siro Plans In June

The source also points out that the two clubs requested VIP seats and outside services such as a museum, shops and restaurants.

Moreover, the construction work must not prevent the stadium from hosting the two clubs’ matches.

This is a crucial point, given that Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri don’t have alternative venues.

Finally, the Milano municipality will be looking to find the right formula to transfer the stadium’s ownership to the two Serie A giants.