AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni says that the Rossoneri would be “open” to the idea of staying in a renovated San Siro.

The Milan President spoke to Italian broadcaster DAZN, via FCInterNews, explaining his club’s conditions for potentially remaining at the iconic stadium.

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has been working to convince Inter and Milan to stay at the San Siro.

This would certainly constitute a big turnaround for the clubs.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri had been working for several years to move forward in plans to demolish the existing stadium and build a new one in its place.

Then, when it finally became clear that this would not be possible, the two clubs have looked elsewhere.

Inter and Milan are currently working on plans to build stadiums in other areas. The former in the commune of Rozzano, the latter in San Donato.

AC Milan President Says Rossoneri “Open” To Staying At Renovated San Siro

The club’s chief motivation is the fact that the existing stadium does not generate the same kind of revenues that those of other top European clubs do.

But Sala believes that renovations to the San Siro could bring it up to the level the clubs desire.

Sala and representatives of the clubs met last week.

The meeting, held on Friday, also included representatives from WeBuild, the firm that has proposed plans to renovate the San Siro by constructing a “fourth tier.”

Milan President Scaroni said that “We at Milan are continuing work in San Donato.”

“That’s our priority, given that we’ve already invested 40 million,” he continued.

Then the Rossoneri President noted that “Mayor Sala wants to make one last attempt to see if San Siro can be renovated.”

“Naturally, we said yes. Let’s give WeBuild the chance to try and develop a project.”

Scaroni noted, “Firstly, we need to understand what can be done with San Siro to make it into a modern stadium that is suited to our needs.”

“Secondly, how can we do so while continuing to play football there.”

“We’re also two teams who play in European cup competitions. So we have to understand the impact it would have in that sense as well,” Scaroni said.

“Before making a judgment, we’ll see what WeBuild tell us. They’re working actively, and have promised us a result for June.”