Legendary former Nerazzurri captain Beppe Bergomi feels that Man City and Real Madrid see Inter Milan “in a different light” this season.

The 1982 World Cup winner gave his thoughts on the Nerazzurri’s Champions League rivals whilst speaking on journalist Gianluca Rossi’s YouTube channel.

This season, Inter have emerged as one of the main favourites to win the Champions League.

That follows last season’s impressive campaign which saw the Nerazzurri reach the final of Europe’s top club competition.

There, Inter went toe-to-toe with Premier League juggernaut Manchester City.

City prevailed by a 1-0 scoreline on the night. But it was hardly the one-sided match that most had anticipated.

Inter’s dominant form in Serie A this season has further entrenched the impression that they will not be a kind draw to anyone in Eruope.

And the Nerazzurri have every chance of knocking Spanish giants Atletico Madrid.

It won’t be easy in the second leg of their round of sixteen second leg. But Inter have a 1-0 advantage from the first match.

Bergomi: Man City & Real Madrid “See Inter In A Different Light”

Bergomi said of the first leg against Atletico that “I read that Inter could have won by a wider margin of victory.”

“It’s true, they created the chances to do so,” the former defender continued.

“But Atletico are a strong team. They’re physical, and they’re no longer just focused on the defensive phase.”

For the second leg, Bergomi anticipated that “We need to pay attention to Samuel Lino.”

“Then we have to see whether Griezmann is back. He’s an exceptional player, and gives the team balance.”

“This season, Real Madrid, who are dominating in La Liga, lost twice to Atletico,” Bergomi noted.

“It will take the best version of Inter to qualify for the next round in such a tough away ground,” he anticipated.

“This is a tough obstacle. But if they make it to the next round? Let’s see what happens.”

Bergomi argued that “For me City and Real are more worried about Inter this year.”

“They see us in a different light,” he noted.