Consistency is one word that people would connect to Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi. His achievement has been charming, attracting many clubs to seek an opportunity to snatch the manager from the club.

The Inter Milan manager then responded to the bugging questions he had been receiving about whether he would stay where he was or accept other offers.

He stated that he had received many calls from several European elite clubs. Big names like Manchester United were one of the clubs he listed, so things could change for Inter Milan if Inzaghi accepts any of the offers coming his way. 

Manchester United

Due to United’s loss against Fulham, Erik ten Hag became the target of the disappointed audience.

The new United co-owner, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, then stated that he’s open to changes in managerial.

He wanted to make a clean slate once he kickstarts at Old Trafford. The United’s offer can be attractive for Inzaghi, and if he decides to take the offer, we’ll undoubtedly see changes in Inter Milan odds

Media have covered rumors that the United wants to make Inzaghi Ten Hag’s successor. Inzaghi did excellent work after he took over San Siro in 2021.

His achievements, including producing two Coppa Italia wins, were proof enough that he’s one of the best managers in Italy. 


Besides United, Barcelona is among the other parties rumored to have placed an offer for Inzaghi.

They believe that Inzaghi is the best choice to take the reins from Xavi. The Spaniard’s contract runs until 2025, so there’s no clear answer yet.

However, Xavi preferred a renewal that lasts until 2027. Judging by how much Inzaghi receives from Inter Milan (£4.7 million per season estimated), Barcelona wouldn’t have trouble giving him more. 


Chelsea has fallen over Inzaghi’s charm, especially after he led Nerazzurri to the Serie A’s summit for this season.

Although there’s still one year before Inzaghi’s contract expires, Chelsea (alongside the others) are trying to offer more to him.

They have clarified that they’re willing to offer £6.85m to the current Inter Milan manager if he’s ready to switch sides.


Jurgen Klopp had announced that he’d step down after the campaign. This means Liverpool is urgently looking for someone to take Klopp’s position, and they must be able to find someone in the same league as Klopp. Liverpool’s eyes landed on Simone Inzaghi as he ticks all the boxes. 

Liverpool have been sitting on the front row to most of Inzaghi’s achievements, including the coach’s first season at the Nerazzurri.

Because he had also taken his side in the Champions League and made his name on the European stage, Inzaghi is one of the most attractive candidates who can take the mantle from Klopp. 

Simone Inzaghi Has The Will To Stay At Inter Milan

After the many pressing questions, Inzaghi had seemingly made clear his will to stay with Nerrazurri and build a ‘winning dynasty’. The Piacenza native then said he wanted to keep the winning cycle going under his lead. 

The club’s CEO, Beppe Marotta, had also given validation that Simone Inzaghi is the perfect person for his current role.

However, seeing that Inzaghi still has one year to go before his contract expires, there’s no telling if the upcoming attractive offer would sway him. 

Getting Rid Of The Uncertainty

It might not matter how much the coach would like to stay because attractive offers from equally elite clubs will keep coming his way.

If the Nerazzurri want to tie Inzaghi down, they must level up and give him an equally or even more attractive offer. 

Seeing how many clubs are willing to compensate Simone Inzaghi higher, the Nerazzurri should offer him at least £6 million per season to keep their coach.

It’s the proper appreciation to give. This is judged by how much he had contributed to the team and his growing reputation around Europe. 

Now that the offers have landed in Inzaghi’s hand, he would know he’s ‘appreciated’ more elsewhere. There will always be another choice for him, and the Nerazzurri must do something to keep his attention intact.

As there’s still time until his contract expires. So we can only say that Simone Inzaghi has a lot to think about and offers to go through.