Inter Milan Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello feels that the Nerazzurri are still focusing on Rozzano despite the idea of renovating the San Siro.

The Nerazzurri executive spoke to Italian broadcaster TGR Lombardia, via FCInterNews, emphasizing that the club’s priorities remain what they’ve been for the past several months.

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala wants to convince Inter and AC Milan to stay at the San Siro.

The Mayor’s idea is to carry out renovations on the existing stadium that would bring it to the level necessary to meet the club’s needs.

However, Sala will have to convince the clubs that this is a preferable option to building outside the city of Milan in the greater metropolitan area.

Inter have been working in the commune of Rozzano. And for Milan, the focus has been on San Donato.

Both the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri have taken significant steps in those areas.

That does not necessarily mean that the two clubs have decisively closed the door to the idea of staying at the San Siro as per Sala’s idea.

The clubs will wait for a feasibility study in the early summer.

But as Inter Corporate CEO Antonello has made clear, Inter do have one particular area that they’re focusing on. And it is not staying in the existing San Siro.

Antonello: Rozzano Still Inter’s Focus, Waiting To Evaluate San Siro Renovations

As far as whether he thinks Inter could decide to abandon the Rozzano idea given the San Siro one, Antonello was circumspect.

“It’s still too early to say,” the Nerazzurri Corporate CEO said.

“We haven’t made any decisions yet,” he added.

“We’re still focused on Rozzano,” Antonello made clear.

“And then we’ll see what WeBuild say,” he said, regarding the construction company’s feasibility study on renovating the San Siro.

“We’ll wait for the WeBuild idea for the San Siro,” he added. “And then when it’s presented to us, we’ll see whether it’s feasible and corresponds to the club’s expectations.”

“As Mayor Sala said, we’re waiting for WeBuild’s analysis,” he added.

“We’re focused on Rozzano. And then at the end of the analysis, we’ll see what our position ends up being.”