The Mayor of Milan has confirmed that a feasibility study on renovating the San Siro is a go for June of this year.

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala updated on the situation in a post on Instagram.

Milan Mayor Sala is aiming to keep Inter and AC Milan at the San Siro by renovating the stadium.

The Mayor believes that changes to the existing stadium can bring it up to the necessary level for the clubs in terms of revenues and infrastructure.

To this end, Sala has been in talks with building firm WeBuild. The Italian company believe that they can carry out renovation work on the San Siro that will meet the needs of the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri.

The two clubs are being kept well-informed about the plans.

Inter and Milan have expressed some openness to the idea. However, that certainly does not mean that they are close to abandoning alternative plans of building outside of the city.


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Milan Mayor Promises Feasibility Study On San Siro Renovations For June

Sala noted that for Inter and Milan, “A new stadium means an investment of over 1 billion.”

“The current high costs of borrowing money certainly don’t help in this respect,” he went on.

The Mayor made clear that “WeBuild, a major Italian construction company, proposed to the Municipality and the clubs to carry out, pro bono, a feasibility study regarding renovating the San Siro.”

“This in the belief that they can carry out the work while keeping the disruptions to spectators to a minimum,” Sala went on.

“And [the study] will be created in collaboration with the clubs. It will be ready for June.”

The Milan Mayor argued that “Renovations on the existing stadium would mean saving money for the clubs.”

“It would also mean less impact on the territory, and further development of surrounding areas.”