Former AC Milan captain Riccardo Montolivo believes that Inter Milan have been the strongest team in Serie A for three years now.

The ex-Italian international gave his thoughts on the Nerazzurri’s Champions League exit to Atletico Madrid as well, speaking on Italian broadcaster DAZN via FCInterNews.

This season, it would be difficult to dispute that Inter have been the outstanding team in Serie A.

The Nerazzurri currently sit thirteen points clear of city rivals AC Milan and sixteen clear of Juventus at the top of the Serie A table. And that is with their match against Napoli still to play.

Inter have managed to turn everything that was promising about the couple of seasons prior into something very concrete.

From goals to clean sheets, the Nerazzurri have had eye-watering numbers in the league.

That is quite different than last season. Inter had some good moments in the league and especially in Eruope. But there was zero consistency.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what has changed this time around.

But in the view of former midfielder Montolivo, this is just the team continuing to be the best in the country.

Montolivo: Inter The Top Team In Serie A For Three Years

Montolivo gave the view that “Inter are the strongest team in the league.”

“I think that they have been for the past three years now,” the Italian continued.

And he also gave his thoughts on the Nerazzurri’s Champions League exit against Atletico Madrid.

“They’re playing against Atletico Madrid,” he said. “And they’ve definitely squandered some chances both home and away.”

“But still, it’s something that can happen,” Montolivo commented.

“The Champions League is always something completely different. In my opinion, the work of a coach should be evaluated based on how they do in the league.”

“Already in their first season under Inzaghi, Inter should have won the league,” Montolivo said.

“And then last time they were way too far behind Napoli.”