Representatives of Inter Milan have testified at a Milan anti-mafia council regarding ties with the Curva Nord.

This according to Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, via FCInterNews.

According to Il Fatto Quotidiano, there were two representatives of Inter present at the anti-mafia council of the Municipality of Milan on Friday.

These were lawyer Adriano Raffaelli, President of the Supervisory Body, and head of security Gianluca Cameruccio.

The pair provided testimony regarding Inter’s ties to the ultras group the Curva Nord.

This is because the anti-mafia council is presently investigating the activities of the Nord.

More specifically, the activities of former prominent Nord leader Vittorio Boiocchi are being investigated.

Boiocchi had been murdered in the fall of 2022.

The former ultras leader was known to have ties to organized crime, having also served prison sentences.

Inter Representatives Testify Before Anti-Mafia Commission Regarding Curva Nord Ties

Il Fatto Quotidiano report that the Milan anti-mafia commission is investigating Boiocchi’s activities with the Curva Nord.

These include the management of tickets for Champions League matches involving Inter.

The council is also investigating Boiocchi’s management of Curva Nord merchandise sales and accounts, via the use of a non-profit fund.

Allegedly, Boiocchi was involved in the control of matchday activities including parking near the San Siro.

Inter representatives Raffaeli and Cameruccio testified to shed light on any links between Inter and the Nord that would be relevant to the council’s investigation.

Boiocchi’s murder in the fall of 2022 also prompted a highly controversial incident at the San Siro.

After learning of the prominent ultras leader’s death, members of the Curva Nord decided to pay tribute by emptying the north stand of the San Siro during the second half of a Serie A match against Sampdoria.

In doing so, the Nord members also forced other matchgoing fans not affiliated with the group to leave.

These included women and children.

The Nord members used threats and intimidation to provoke matchgoing fans to vacate the north stand.

This incident caused major damage to the Nord’s reputation among other Inter fans.