Inter Milan will react harshly with Francesco Acerbi if the defender is to be found guilty of racially abusing Napoli’s Juan Jesus.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

At the moment, Acerbi is at the centre of a scandal surrounding his alleged use of a racial slur during an argument with Napoli defender Juan Jesus during Sunday’s Serie A clash.

The 36-year-old has insisted that he did not use any racial slurs. He has claimed that Jesus “misunderstood” what he said.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian is vehement that Acerbi had used the offensive slur.

There is now an investigation into the incident ongoing.

Giuseppe Chine of the Italian FA prosecutors’ office is heading up the investigation.

At the moment, Inter and Acerbi are waiting for the outcome of that investigation.

The Nerazzurri have already spoken with Acerbi about the matter. The Italian international gave his version of events to the club in a meeting yesterday, insisting that he did not racially abuse Jesus.

Inter Will React Harshly If Francesco Acerbi Found Guilty Of Racial Abuse

Inter heard out what Acerbi had to say in yesterday’s meeting.

However, there was no official statement from the Nerazzurri regarding the meeting, or giving a position on the matter.

That is because Inter are still waiting for the outcome of the investigation.

The Nerazzurri will base their eventual decision on that investigation. They are not giving any official support to their player pending the result of that investigation.

Acerbi will presumably tell Chine the same story he told Inter.

And if that is the result of the investigation, then the Corriere report that there will be no sympathy for Acerbi from Inter.

Subsequently, the Nerazzurri intend to react unsparingly if Acerbi is to be found guilty of racial abuse.