There is one detail in the report of referee Federico La Penna that could be key regarding the alleged racism scandal from Sunday’s Serie A match between Inter Milan and Napoli.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews, identify the fact that the official does not make note of any apology from Inter defender Francesco Acerbi.

The prosecutors’ office of the Italian FA is currently investigating an incident from the second half of Sunday’s match between Inter and Napoli.

Allegedly, just before the hour mark, Nerazzurri defender Acerbi used a racial slur in an argument with Napoli’s Juan Jesus.

The Brazilian has been absolutely vehement in saying this.

Meanwhile, Acerbi has denied that he used racist language. The Inter and Italy defender claims that Jesus misheard him.

In his initial post-match remarks, Jesus said that Acerbi had apologized for what he had said on the pitch, and added that the incident should “stay on the pitch.”

However, the Napoli player reacted angrily to Acerbi’s subsequent denials. He absolutely insisted that the 36-year-old had apologized for the use of a slur, and then changed his story.

No Mention Of Acerbi Apology In Referee Report Of Inter Napoli Match

Jesus had told referee La Penna that he had received racial abuse from Acerbi during the match.

The referee spoke to both players about the incident.

La Penna’s match report does make note of that conversation.

However, the match official does not mention there being an apology from Acerbi.

According to the Gazzetta, had there been a mention of apology, then there would not likely currently be an investigation.

Such a detail would, more or less, prove that Acerbi had admitted to the use of a racial slur.

But in the absence of that, the prosecutor will investigate to come to a conclusion.