Inter Milan defender Francesco Acerbi faces the prospect of a ten-match ban if found guilty of racist abuse, but there is another possible scenario that could await the 36-year-old.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, via FCInterNews. The newspaper anticipate that there could still be a two-match ban.

The investigation into the incident which saw Acerbi allegedly racially abuse Napoli’s Juan Jesus during a Serie A match last weekend is ongoing.

Italian FA prosecutor Giuseppe Chine is investigating the incident.

Chine has heard both Acerbi and Jesus give their sides of the story. The Corriere report that the prosecutor questioned the Inter player for around an hour.

Acerbi continues to deny that he used a racial slur against Jesus.

Meanwhile, Jesus insists that the Inter defender did in fact use racially discriminatory language.

Chine will deliver a verdict on the case some time next week. This will of course be decisive in determining what Acerbi’s fate will be as far as a possible suspension.

Three Possible Scenarios For Francesco Acerbi In Alleged Racism Case

The first scenario that Acerbi could face would certainly be the one that the Italian international would favour.

That would be if Chine, after investigating, finds that Acerbi did not racially abuse Jesus.

In that case, of course, there would be an acquittal for the former Lazio and Sassuolo defender.

Then, a second scenario would be if Chine were to find Acerbi to be guilty of violating Article 28 of the Code of Sporting Justice.

That is the article which concerns racially discriminatory conduct.

In that case, a lengthy ban would follow. Acerbi would face a suspension of ten days at minimum if he is found to have racially abused Jesus.

But there is another possibility, reports the Corriere.

This would be in the case that Acerbi is found to have violated Article 39 of the Code.

That is the article concerning “seriously unsportsmanlike conduct.”

In that case, there would still be a suspension for the Inter defender. But according to the Corriere, it would be much shorter – two matches rather than ten.