Napoli have responded to condemn the verdict that Inter Milan’s Francesco Acerbi is not guilty of racially abusing Juan Jesus.

The Partenopei released an official statement after the verdict arrived today. They witheringly suggest that if Acerbi were really not guilty, then Jesus should be “guilty” for falsely accusing him.

Earlier today, Sporting Judge Gerardo Mastrandrea delivered the verdict in the case of Acerbi’s alleged racial abuse of Napoli defender Jesus.

During a Serie A match between the two teams before the international break, Jesus alleged that Acerbi had used a racial slur during an argument on the pitch.

Acerbi denied this. But Jesus insisted that the 36-year-old Inter defender had done so, and had apologized afterwards.

There was an investigation into the incident.

Italian FA prosecutor Giuseppe Chine interviewed both players to get their respective versions of events. He also reviewed all other available evidence.

In the end, it was left to Mastrandrea to decide whether or not to sanction Acerbi.

The Sporting Judge decided on a verdict of “not guilty” for the Inter defender.

This did not necessarily mean that Mastrandrea had concluded that Acerbi had not used any racially discriminatory language. But simply that there was not sufficient evidence to declare the player guilty of the offense.

Napoli Hit Out At Francesco Acerbi Not Guilty Verdict: “We Are Stunned”

Jesus’s club Napoli have given a response to today’s verdict.

The club have come out strongly in support of their player, and questioned the rationale of Mastrandrea’s verdict in harsh terms.

The statement reads, “Mr. Acerbi was not sanctioned. At this point, for the Sporting ‘Justice’ then Juan Jesus should be guilty – of accusing a fellow professional unjustly.”

“It’s not reasonable to think that he ‘misunderstood’ the words,” the statement continued.

Acerbi had insisted that he had used other words, and that Jesus had “misunderstood” or misheard what he’d said as a racial slur.

“The principle of reasonable probability concerning this event, clearly visible in the dynamics of the facts and apologies on the pitch, which the Sporting Judge has concerned, disappear in this verdict,” the statement argues.

“We’re stunned.”

“Furthermore, if what happened on the pitch, as the verdict says, ‘is certainly compatible with the expression of insults directed by the Inter player, who’s not unaware of their offensive and threatening tone,’ then why not impose any sanction on the latter?”

“Why, then, if as the sentence says that “proof of the offense has certainly been reached,” was no action taken by the Sporting ‘Justice’ to punish the person responsible?”

“We are even more stunned.”

“Napoli will no longer be a part of football initiatives that are merely a facade,” the statement reads.

“We will continue to undertake them ourselves, as we have always done. With renewed conviction and determination.”

The statement ends with a hashtag, “#iostoconjj.” In other words, “I am with JJ,” referring to Juan Jesus.