The not guilty verdict in an alleged racial abuse case involving Inter Milan’s Francesco Acerbi could be a “watershed” moment for Serie A.

Today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews, highlight the potentially precedent-setting nature of the verdict.

Yesterday, Sporting Judge Gerardo Mastrandrea gave his verdict in the alleged racial abuse case involving Acerbi and Jesus.

The Judge had considered all evidence collected by the prosecutors’ office of the Italian FA.

Prosecutor Giuseppe Chine had questioned both Acerbi and Jesus to get their respective versions of events.

And Chine had also looked for any other evidence – video, audio, or testimonies from other players – that could shed light on the situation.

And, based on the evidence, Mastrandrea found Acerbi not guilty.

Francesco Acerbi Verdict A Potential “Watershed” For Serie A

Mastrandrea’s verdict does not definitively state that Acerbi did not racially abuse Napoli’s Jesus.

The Judge simply takes the position that there is an absence of clear, dispositive evidence that the Inter defender did utter a racial slur or use any other racially discriminatory language.

Despite the efforts of Chine, there was no such evidence available that could give a clear picture of the incident.

Therefore, it was essentially one player’s word against the other’s.

And this did not constitute sufficient evidence for Mastrandrea to deliver a guilty verdict.

In the view of Tuttosport, this could be a “watershed” moment for these types of cases.

Considering that the Sporting Judge did not take the word of Jesus, who was absolutely adamant about what he said he heard Acerbi say as sufficient evidence, there is now a clear precedent.

In cases where there is any other corroborating evidence, then a player can be found guilty of using racially discriminatory language.

But if it is simply “one player’s word against another” then there cannot be a guilty verdict.