AC Milan captain Davide Calabria is confident that the Rossoneri will not let Inter Milan clinch the Serie A title in the derby.

The 27-year-old spoke to Radio TV Serie A, via FCInterNews. He insisted that Milan will do everything to prevent the Nerazzurri from mathematically securing the Scudetto against them.

Given that Inter have a fourteen-point advantage at the top of the table, the sense is that it is a matter of “when” rather than “If” the Nerazzurri clinch the title.

Theoretically, if Inter were to win their next four matches, it would be mathematically certain that they would finish the campaign as champions.

Even if city rivals Milan were to also win their next three matches, a loss in the derby would mean there would be no possible way of them catching up to Inter in the remaining matches of the season.

Then, if the Rossoneri were to slip up in their next three matches, Inter could secure the title with a draw in the derby.

AC Milan Captain Davide Calabria Insists Inter Won’t Clinch Title In Derby

But Milan are naturally determined to prevent their city rivals from winning the title in the derby.

The Rossoneri might only be able to delay the inevitable.

Inter’s advantage is enormous at the top of the table. They would need a remarkable collapse in form to no wrap up the title.

But that doesn’t mean that keeping Inter from winning the title until a week or two after the derby wouldn’t be some satisfaction in itself for Milan.

And the derby is always a match unlike any other.

Form rarely means too much when Inter and Milan meet. And it is a match that both sides always do everything to win regardless of what else is at stake.

Rossoneri captain Calabria said that “It’s still early to be talking about that.”

“There’s still some matches to come before then,” the Italian international added.

“But it won’t happen. We want to win all the rest of our matches.”