Former Inter Milan CEO Ernesto Paolillo doesn’t see an agreement between club owners Suning and Oaktree Capital panning out.

The Chinese group must repay a debt worth 275 million euros in addition to its interest rate by May 20th. The Nerazzurri owners took the loan three years ago to cover the club’s operational costs.

Inter president Steven Zhang is now seeking an agreement with the creditor over a deadline extension to ward off the risk of a default.

However, Paolillo feels that a deal is unlikely at this relatively late stage.

“It was predictable that Oaktree would put pressure on Zhang because we know the situation as well as the numbers,” argued the former Nerazzurri CEO in his interview with TMW Radio via FcInterNews.

“Even in the event of a deadline extension, the loan will be extremely onerous.

“It seems strange to me that Zhang has reached this stage without a proper solution.

“Now either everything passes into the hands of Oaktree or a replacement for Zhang, but I don’t see it on the horizon.

“I believe that at the moment, only Arab capital can intervene. I’m not considering American or Asian capital.”

Ernesto Paolillo Hopes Beppe Marotta Stays At Inter Milan

On another note, Paolillo praises Inter CEO Beppe Marotta, hoping that he lingers at the club.

“If we consider the managers at Italian football or sports level in general, I believe a man with Marotta’s experience would be suitable for a major role on the national level, for the good of Italian football.

“However, I hope he stays at Inter for the club’s sake. But I see him doing well at the Italian Football Federation anyway.”