Oaktree Capital are reportedly refusing to hand Inter Milan owners Suning a loan deadline extension, as they’re seeking an alternative solution.

Today’s print edition of Il Corriere dello Sport (via FcInterNews) portrays a bleak future for the Chinese company at the club.

In May 2021, Suning took a loan from Oaktree worth 275 million euros to cover the club’s operational costs.

The Nerazzurri majority owners must repay the debt along with its interest rate by the 20th of May 2024.

With the deadline looming ever closer, Suning are desperately trying to find an agreement with the US-based investment company.

Inter president Steven Zhang is hoping to keep his company at the club’s helm by securing an agreement to extend the deadline.

Nevertheless, the Chinese businessman’s attempts have been futile thus far.

As the Roman newspaper explains, Suning are unlikely to maintain their grasp over the club.

Oaktree Capital Could Take Over Inter Milan From Suning & Then Seek A Sale

The Chinese group is only hoping to postpone the expiry date to buy some time in their attempts to find a new buyer.

Nevertheless, the source claims that it is Oaktree, and not Suning, who have found a potential new buyer.

Therefore, the Americans feels that the best way to proceed would be to take over the club from Suning.

This scenario could well occur if the Inter owners default on the agree-upon deadline.

Following an Oaktree takeover, the company would be free to negotiate with any suitor interested in buying the club.