Former midfielder Radja Nainggolan believes the allegations that Juan Jesus made of racial abuse against Inter Milan’s Francesco Acerbi.

Speaking on the “Controcalcio” Twitch stream, via FCInterNews, the Belgian stated that he knows Jesus, and does not believe that the Brazilian would make false allegations in that situation.

Inter defender Acerbi received a not guilty verdict in the investigation into his alleged used of a racial slur against Napoli’s Jesus.

However, that hardly means that the controversy surrounding the situation has died down.

On the contrary, the Napoli player continues to vehemently allege that Acerbi had used racially discriminatory behaviour.

And the matter is, in essence, one player’s word against another.

Acerbi did not necessarily receive the not guilty verdict because there was conclusive evidence vindicating his own version of events.

Rather, there was an absence of conclusive evidence one way or another. Therefore, Sporting Judge Gerardo Mastrandrea could not render a guilty verdict.

Radja Naingollan Backs Juan Jesus In Acerbi Racism Row

Even with Acerbi not receiving a ban, the controversy is not likely to go away completely.

And a lot has to do with the credibility of the players’ involved.

Acerbi has adamantly denied that he had used any racial slurs towards Jesus. He suggested that his Napoli opposite number could have “misunderstood” or misheard what he’d said.

But Jesus has not backed down in his allegations.

The Brazilian has made clear that he feels that he clearly heard what Acerbi had said.

And moreover, Napoli have also backed their player in the matter.

And for his part, former Inter and Roma midfielder Nainggolan – who was a teammate of Jesus at the Giallorossi – is inclined to take the Napoli defender’s side.

“I know Juan Jesus,” the Belgian said.

“He’s a guy who’s very precise with how he speaks. And the way that he told his version, it makes it even more credible.”

Nainggolan added, “A person of colour wouldn’t make something like that up. It doesn’t make sense.”