Alessandro Bastoni feels that it doesn’t particularly matter when Inter Milan clinch the Serie A title, so long as they win it.

The Nerazzurri defender spoke to Italian broadcaster DAZN, via FCInterNews, after this evening’s Serie A win over Empoli.

Inter have taken yet another step towards the Serie A title.

The Nerazzurri beat Empoli 2-0 to take their points total to 79 and restore their advantage in the Serie A table to fourteen clear of city rivals AC Milan.

Now, Inter need just eleven points more, and then they will clinch the title.

Of course, the job is hardly done yet. But it would take a truly spectacular collapse in form for the Nerazzurri to fail to win the title at this stage.

So the question becomes, when will Inter be crowned champions?

The fixture list throws up the tantalizing prospect of making it mathematically certain in the derby against Milan later this month.

And then there are other potential milestones to hit. Inter could still theoretically break Juventus’s record for most points in a single Serie A season if they win all their remaining matches.

Alessandro Bastoni: Doesn’t Matter When Inter Clinch Serie A Title

But for Inter defender Bastoni, there is only one real consideration.

The Nerazzurri must get their hands on the title, whenever it happens.

Asked if the team is talking about the possibility of winning the title in the derby, Bastoni replied “No.”

“We’re just thinking about winning it. When and where we do doesn’t matter. The important thing is to bring home the trophy for our fans, who never let the attendance here drop below 70,000.”

“We’re all proud to be a part of this,” Bastoni went on.

The 24-year-old defender was then asked about playing for Inter and playing for Italy.

“It’s different coaches,” he said. “But there’s great harmony on both sides. We also want to do well this summer.”