A recent Champions League setback notwithstanding, Inter Milan finds itself statistically among the top 5 teams in the world.

However, their global presence lags behind. While boasting a passionate Italian fanbase of nearly 4 million, inter falls short of the top dogs with a global following of just 55 million.

Teams like Manchester United enjoy a staggering 650 million fans, highlighting the gap Inter needs to bridge. Interestingly, these top teams hail primarily from the UK and Spain.

Inter Milan & A Digital Push: AI & Engagement

Recognizing this void, Inter has been actively expanding its digital footprint since 2020. Collaborations with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Dept agency, and StreamAMG amog others, aim to create a seamless web, app, and video experience for fans.

Additionally, partnerships with Evolphin Zoom and Veritone leverage AI to personalize content and boost brand awareness.

In essence, Inter aspires to be an AI-powered media powerhouse, maximizing fan engagement and converting it into revenue streams.

Building Bridges Beyond Borders

Inter’s global appeal can be further amplified through strategic community outreach and international partnerships.

Expanding academies and grassroots initiatives worldwide would foster a global connection with fans.

This approach would solidify Inter’s presence in regions like Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. Therefore, extending their reach far beyond their traditional base.

Imagine Inter viewing its national following as a mere 1% of its true global potential! Initiatives like international tours and fan club creation can further solidify this global connection.

The recent Miami store opening reflects this strategy, capitalizing on the burgeoning US football fandom.

Investment Is Key: Seeking Strategic Partners

Manchester City’s post-2008 transformation under Abu Dhabi ownership serves as a prime example of how a strategic investor converter into a massive success of the football team.

The investment went beyond just football; it was also about what Manchester City could do for Abu Dhabi, aligning with their Vision 2030 diversification goals.

Inter should mimic this approach by seeking strategic partnerships with high-caliber investors and long-term strategic investment plans aligned to Inter’s growth.

This could involve cash-rich Arab funds like PIF or Mubadala, or even US private equity powerhouses including the current lender to Inter,

OakTree Capital. These investors possess the financial clout and management expertise to structure a growth-oriented business model focused on fan base monetization.

A Golden Opportunity Awaits Inter Milan

Inter’s continued on-field success presents a golden opportunity to cultivate a massive global audience eager to support the team through merchandise, streaming services, and tickets.

However, the window for capitalizing on this potential is limited. With an average squad age of 29, Inter needs to act swiftly to bank on its performance high momentum and position itself as a global football powerhouse.

By embracing bold strategies and potentially sacrificing short-term gains, Inter can establish itself as a dominant force.

Easily reaching the coveted 100-200 million fan base that will solidify their domestic and international dominance while propel the financial growth.

By: Andrea Zanon

Andrea Zanon is the Founder of Confidente and Empower Capital. With 25 years of entrepreneurship, operations, sustainability and technology experience,

He is an international advisor who has worked for financial institutions and entrepreneurs on sustainability, international affairs and development