Inter Milan will earn over €50 million at the least from participation in the expanded Champions League format next season.

This according to Italian football finance outlet Calcio e Finanza. The outlet report that the least that Inter could possibly bring in from the competition would be 51 million.

One thing that looks all but certain is that Inter will be playing in the Champions League next season.

The team have not quite made that mathematically certain. But the next couple of results could confirm that the Nerazzurri will be in Europe’s top club competition for the seventh season running.

And participation in the Champions League will be worth more than ever next season.

UEFA will be expanding the format for the competition.

That means that instead of eight groups of four, there will be four “leagues” of nine prior to the knockouts.

This means eight matches before the knockout rounds rather than six as with this season.

Inter To Earn 51M At The Least From Champions League Next Season

With the expansion in format comes an increase the in the revenues that participating teams will bring in from the Champions League.

The base amount that every team out of the 36 participating will earn is €18.62 million.

But that is not all that teams will earn from participation. There are also the revenues from teams’ share of the market pool, as well as the coefficient based on UEFA results over a ten-year period.

For Inter, these earnings will be worth an additional 13 million and change. The Nerazzurri’s total is then brought to 32 million.

And then there is the matter of earnings from results bonuses.

These will increase with the total number of matches.

And Calcio e Finanza report that the minimum amount that Inter would bring in from these would take their total to 51 million.

That is presuming that the Nerazzurri do not win a single match in the competition.

Meanwhile, Roma could earn 50 million at the least if they qualify. For Juventus, it would be slightly less than 50 million.

AC Milan would bring in a minimum of around 45 million.

And for Bologna – who have not participated in European competition during the last ten years – the minimum earnings would be over 36 million.