Former Inter Milan CEO Marco Fassone hails the club’s current hierarchy while offering his input on the Suning-Oaktree situation.

The Italian businessman worked for some of the biggest clubs in Serie A. Aside from the Nerazzurri, he also had stints at Juventus, Napoli and most recently AC Milan.

In a new interview, Fassone discussed the current situation at Inter, beginning by praising the club’s top brass.

“Inter from a management point of view is at its peak,” he told Radio Sportiva via FcInterNews.

“There is great harmony among the club directors. An excellent corporate structure has been built that hasn’t been seen since Massimo Moratti’s time at the helm.

“Everything works perfectly, this is something that my friends within the club have confirmed to me.”

Fassone was the CEO of Milan during the turbulent time of former club owner Li Yonghong. His reign ended with a default, while his creditors Elliott Management took over.

Marco Fassone Applauds The Inter Milan Hierarchy

Nevertheless, Fassone doesn’t envision a similar scenario with Inter owners Suning and their creditors Oaktree Capital.

“I doubt that the situation that happened at Milan will ensue at Inter. This is because Oaktree, unlike Elliott, is not an interventionist fund.

“There are extensive negotiations underway to evaluate either the extension of the deadline or the finding new investors.

“There are two advisors such as Goldman Sachs and Reine Group, who have been working for some time on finding investors. I believe they have also presented several to Zhang.

“I presume two solutions: a new owner who reaches an agreement with Zhang or extending the deadline.”

In the meantime, the Italian businessman tips Inter directors Beppe Marotta and Piero Ausilio to maintain a certain degree of control.

“Marotta and Ausilio have demonstrated over the years that they know how to manage things very well, despite a climate of economic uncertainty.

“There is still financial availability for the original Oaktree loan. But since the deadline will be in May, there will be a couple of months of waiting.

“They are keeping the reins and will be making the decisions in May when the situation becomes clearer.”