Inter Milan president Steven Zhang still reportedly has a game-changer to play before the Oaktree Capital loan reaches its deadline.

In May 2021, Nerazzurri owners Suning took a loan from the American-based investment company to cover the club’s operational costs.

The initial loan was worth 275 million euros, but has now exceeded 350M due to the interest rate. The Chinese group must repay the full amount before May 20th or risk losing control over their majority shares at the club.

To avoid a default, Zhang and company are working on finding an agreement with Oaktree over a deadline extension. This could push back the due date for another year.

But according to Il Corriere dello Sport via FcInterNews, some insiders claim that the club president still has an ace up his sleeve and he’s waiting for the right moment to play it.

Nevertheless, the Roman newspaper doesn’t specify the nature of this winning card.

Inter Milan President Steven Zhang May Have An Ace Up His Sleeve As Oaktree Deadline Approaches

On a separate note, the source reveals that today is the date of a new court hearing in the legal battle between China Construction Bank and Zhang.

The CCBA requests the seizing of Zhang’s salary as Inter president due to unpaid debts.

In the meantime, the 32-year-old remains distant from the club. He has been in Italy since July.

But as we reported earlier today, Zhang is still deeply involved in the club’s day-to-day business. Despite his physical absence, he’s in constant contact with the Nerazzurri directors as well as head coach Simone Inzaghi.