Inter Milan star Alexis Sanchez remembers his time at the club under the guidance of his former manager Antonio Conte.

The Chilean is currently in the midst of his second stint at Appiano Gentile. He returned to the club in the summer after spending the previous campaign at Marseille.

The 35-year-old had previously plied his trade at Inter between 2019 and 2022. During his first two campaigns at the club, Conte was at the helm.

At the time, The former Barcelona and Arsenal star was hoping to claim himself a starting berth.

However, the Italian tactician launched the famous striking partnership of Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez, leaving Alexis as a mere backup.

“I only had 15 minutes to prove to Conte that I can be better than the others,” said the veteran in his interview with La Voz de la Experiencia via FcInter1908.

“Fifteen minutes in football are very complicated. I would arrive two hours early for training and start running so that those 15 minutes would become a hundred and then a thousand.

“It’s not easy to warm up and come in, especially if you’re playing against Juventus, it’s difficult.

“I was pumped for those 15 minutes. I said to myself ‘I love this sport and this is why I want to prove myself to the coach in 15 minutes’. But not even the best players in the world can do this.”

Alexis Sanchez Dwells On His Experience With Antonio Conte At Inter Milan

Sanchez felt he never had room for error while trying to convince the former Juventus and Chelsea coach.

“There was a match when were losing 1-0. I entered the pitch, scored a goal and provided Lautaro with an assist. We won 2-1.

“The next match, I earned a starting spot but had no margin for error. I knew that if I missed a pass, Conte would haul me off.

“I scored two goals. In the locker room, he shook my hand, but that was all of it.

“Conte used to say that ‘There is no player like Alexis, he is the only one who makes the difference’. Arturo Vidal can confirm it. My teammates knew it as well.

“Time passed and we were happy to lead the Serie A table. At a certain point, there was just the two of us, so he confessed saying: ‘I know I have to make you start, but what if things get complicated? Lautaro and Lukaku are different. You are the only one who can come in and make a difference.’

“So I replied saying that if I were to start, we would win 2-0 so there wouldn’t be any problem.”