Inter Milan and other top Serie A clubs are hoping to maintain the application of the Growth Decree on previously signed players while also suggesting a new format for the future.

In previous years, this rule allowed Italian clubs to sign players from abroad while benefitting from 50% tax reductions on wages.

However, the Italian government decided to scrap this rule much to the dismay of Serie A clubs.

But according to La Repubblica via FcInterNews, Serie A consultants have been discussing the matter with the clubs’ tax advisors for days.

All parties are looking to find a solution to resolve the issue.

The source reveals that the abolishment of the Growth Decree won’t have a reciprocal effect, at least not in the short term.

In other words, the club will continue to benefit from tax reductions on players signed from abroad before 2024.

So the rule remains applicable to those players for the next five years, in addition to another three years if they extend their stay. In this case, the contract renewal won’t reduce the taxation.

Inter Milan & Serie A Clubs Looking To Extending The Application Of The Growth Decree

As for the players who arrived after the 1st of January 2024, they must meet three conditions to be eligible for tax reductions.

These requirements are a three-year degree, a wage worth 600,000 euros as a threshold, and owning real estate in Italy.

While we still await an official interpretation, the source believes legal battles could ensue between the parties over the application of the rules.