Arrigo Sacchi stirs the spot by accusing Inter Milan of cheating as they’re about to clinch the Scudetto title despite being indebted.

The former AC Milan and Italy manager discussed the matter during the presentation of his new book ‘Il Realista Visionario’.

The 77-year-old believes that a club in debt should not be in the running for a trophy. Thus, he believes that Inter are cheating in this regard.

“In Italy, we try to reach our goals by being clever,” noted Sacchi via FcInterNews.

“But this isn’t. right. And If we don’t get out of this situation, we will remain in this state of crisis. Winning while being indebted means cheating.

“So yes, Inter are cheating,” he argued.

This is a reference to the Oaktree Capital loan which Inter Milan owners Suning must repay before the 20th of May. The Chinese group is currently seeking a solution on this front, which could possibly be a deadline extension.

Arrigo Sacchi Argues Inter Milan Winning With Debts Consists Cheating

Nevertheless, Sacchi had much more positive comments when discussing Inter coach Simone Inzaghi.

The legendary Milan manager applauds the 48-year-old for his improvement, but notes he made some mistakes in the second leg against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Round of 16.

“Inzaghi has evolved and developed a lot. I think he is on the right path.

“It’s a shame about the elimination in the Champions League in Madrid against Atletico. The Spanish teams must be attacked.

“Yet, at a certain point, the Inter coach lined up with six defenders and handed himself over to the opponent.”