Suning and Steven Zhang are still working to remain at the helm of Inter Milan.

This according to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, via FCInterNews. Sky report that the Nerazzurri owners and President are working on two possible paths that would allow them to continue.

Earlier today, reports emerged that the Saudi royal family is interested in purchasing Inter from Suning.

These are only the latest in what has been a long line of rumours regarding the future of the ownership of the Nerazzurri.

But according to Sky, the fact remains that Suning want to keep control of the club.

The current owners have had majority control of Inter for the past eight years. And they want to keep it for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, Steven Zhang wants to remain President of the Nerazzurri, Sky reports.

Suning & Steven Zhang Working On Two Possible Paths Forward To Keep Inter

As is very well-known by now, the main factor that has created uncertainty around Suning’s future at Inter is the sizable loan that they still owe to Oaktree Capital.

The due date for that loan is the twentieth of next month.

If Suning are to default on the loan, their shares in Inter will pass into the hands of Oaktree.

Therefore, the Nerazzurri owners have just over a month to find a way to avoid that eventuality.

And according to Sky, Suning and Zhang feel that they have two potential aces up their sleeves.

One fairly straightforward possibility would be for Suning to obtain an extension on the deadline. They have been in negotiations with Oaktree and are hoping to agree a new deadline.

But on the other hand, Sky report, there is an alternative possibility that Suning and Zhang have also been working on.

That concerns negotiations with a separate fund.

Sky report that there is an unnamed UK-based fund that Suning and Zhang have been in talks with.

Refinancing the debt to Oaktree with a new loan from that fund could also allow Suning and Zhang to remain in control of Inter for the foreseeable future.