Striker Aldo Serena has revealed that AC Milan had actually shown interest in him before Inter Milan.

The former Italian international spoke to Turin-based newspaper La Stampa in an interview published in yesterday’s print edition, via FCInterNews.

Serena is a player who is well-known for having played for several of Serie A’s biggest clubs.

The former striker played for both Juventus and Torino, derby rivals.

And Serena also played on both sides of the city divide in Milan. He played for Inter, and also for Milan.

Serena was part of the Nerazzurri team that won the 1988-89 Serie A title by a then-record margin.

This was perhaps the crowning moment of Serena’s career.

But the ex-Italian international was hardly a player only strongly associated with Inter. On the contrary.

There are quite a few players who have played for both Inter and Milan over the years. The same is true for the Nerazzurri and Juventus, and for the Bianconeri and the Rossoneri.

And the derby divide between Juventus and Torino has seen plenty of players cross over one way or the other.

But in the case of Serena, the former striker has practically become synonymous with having played for several notable rivals.

Aldo Serena: AC Milan Spotted Me Before Inter, But Tryout Went Badly

Asked if Inter were the first club to spot his talent, Serena replied “Milan did first.”

“I was just thirteen years old at the time.”

“But I was still very small, so the tryout went badly,” Serena explained.

“It was around the age of sixteen that I started to really grow.”

“I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see [Gianni] Rivera when I was at Milanello, as he was with the national team. But they sent me an autographed photo after.”

“When I was seventeen, Varese tested me out in a friendly against Alessandria. But they played me in midfield and I didn’t convince that time either.”

“Inter signed me on a co-ownership deal,” Serena noted. “It was with Como, who were not able to pay the fee to Montebelluna on their own.”

“They got relegated,” said the former striker.

“Then, the Inter Primavera team left on a tour of Spain, and they needed a striker because Chirico wasn’t available.”