Sources close to Suning are urging caution on the latest round of reports of Saudi interest in buying Inter Milan.

This according to today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews.

Yesterday, reports emerged that the Saudi royal family are eyeing up a takeover of Inter.

The reports specified that this is not a question of the Saudi sovereign wealth fund the Public Investment Fund.

That is the fund that currently owns Premier League club Newcastle United. And there have been PIF links to Inter in the past.

Rather, the reports suggested, the Saudi royal family are aiming for support from private investment.

The fact that the ownership situation is currently so up in the air certainly made such reports more intriguing.

There is still no certainty regarding what current Nerazzurri owners Suning will do as they approach the deadline of a massive loan from US fund Oaktree Capital.

The Inter owners could aim to extend the deadline of the loan or refinance their debt.

But alternatively, there could be a sale of the club. This could be carried out either by Suning, or even by Oaktree were the current Inter owners to default on their loan.

Sources Close To Suning Urge Caution Urge Caution On Saudi Inter Takeover Rumours

But this is not the first time that there have been rumours of interest in buying Inter from Suning.

Far from it, in fact.

For the last several years, the rumour mill has been quite active regarding the Nerazzurri’s ownership situation.

The reason is not hard to see. Inter have had well-known financial issues under Suning’s ownership since the start of the pandemic.

And Suning themselves have also had financial problems. The looming deadline of the Oaktree loan is among them.

However, despite all the persistent rumours, Suning have remained at the helm.

And sources close to the Inter owners want to emphasize that fact.

There has been plenty of smoke for several years – but there has yet to be a fire.

And so sources close to Suning may not deny the presence of Saudi interest in purchasing Inter. But they emphasize the fact that this has yet to materialize into a serious offer or even a due diligence phase.