Inter Milan Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello admits that the ongoing new stadium situation is “a disappointment” for the Nerazzurri.

Speaking at the Merger & Acquisition Summit 2024 organized by Il Sole 24 Ore, via FCInterNews, Antonello also spoke about Inter’s strategy off the pitch.

Inter and AC Milan have spent years attempting to build a new stadium.

The clubs’ attempts has become an ongoing saga with many twists and turns.

What now looks abundantly clear, and has for some time, is that the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri will not demolish the San Siro and replace it with a new stadium.

However, there is less certainty on what they will do instead.

Inter and Milan have both been pursuing alternate plans. The Nerazzurri in the commune of Rozzano, and the Rossoneri in San Donato.

But on the other hand, Milan Mayor Beppe Sala is still hoping to keep the clubs at the San Siro.

The Mayor hopes that a proposal to renovate the iconic stadium will bring it up to the clubs’ expectations for the long-term future.

Inter Corporate CEO Antonello Brands Stadium Situation “A Disappointment”

Nerazzurri Corporate CEO Antonello commented that “For five years, we and Milan have been trying to obtain authorization to build a new stadium.”

“It’s been a disappointment,” the Inter executive continued.

“Because so far we still don’t see an end in sight.”

“But we have kept ourselves organized, with alternate plans,” Antonello said.

Meanwhile, the Corporate CEO also gave his thoughts on Inter’s strategy off the pitch.

“We as Inter define ourselves as a media company,” Antonello explained. “And we say that we’re part of the entertainment sector.”

“We’re a football club that has to broaden its horizons, and look for global market opportunities to open up.”

The Inter Corporate CEO said that “We’re competing for people’s free time.”

“So we don’t just have football as our frame of reference,” he continued. “But also other sports, such as Formula One or the NBA.”

“Or other events, like concerts,” Antonello added.

“We have to be active in offering a product that engages our fanbase every day, 24 hours a day, beyond just the matches.”

“We’re also talking about behind-the-scenes experiences,” Antonello noted.

“We have 24 different social media platforms. A community of over 750 million people around the world.”

“That is a point of reference for us to bring in revenues that aren’t just dependent on sporting results,” Antonello explained.