Next weekend’s match between Inter Milan and Torino in Serie A could be postponed by 24 hours on one condition.

This according to Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews. The newspaper anticipates that if the Nerazzurri lose the derby against AC Milan tomorrow, their next match could be bumped back.

At the moment, the big question seems to be when Inter will clinch the Serie A title.

The Nerazzurri are currently fourteen points ahead of city rivals AC Milan in the table. And they face the Rossoneri in the derby tomorrow – matchday 33 of the season.

If Inter were to beat Milan in the derby, they would go seventeen points clear.

Therefore, it would become mathematically certain that the Nerazzurri would finish the season as champions – there would just be fifteen points left to play for.

On the other hand, if Inter were to fail to win, then they would have to wait.

A draw would allow Inter to make certain of winning the title against Torino with a win next weekend.

On the other hand, however, a Milan win could change things.

Inter Vs Torino Serie A Clash Could Be Moved Back If Inter Lose Derby

Should Inter lose the derby tomorrow, and should Milan win it, then the Rossoneri would cut the lead at the top of the table to eleven points.

That would mean that Inter would not clinch the title next weekend, even if they were to beat Torino.

That would be dependent on the result of Milan’s match away to Juventus. A Rossoneri win would keep their title hopes alive, at least on paper, even if Inter beat Torino.

On the other hand, if Milan fail to beat Juventus, then Inter could clinch the title by beating Torino.

As it stands, Inter are scheduled to play against Torino at 15.00 CET next Saturday. Then, later in the evening, the Rossoneri take on Juventus.

Therefore, in the event that Inter were to lose in the derby, it could set up a situation where they would not know whether they’ve clinched the title until Milan play – even if they beat Torino.

On the other hand, if Inter were to play next Sunday instead, then Milan would have already played.

That would mean that by the time Inter play against Torino, they would already know whether a win would clinch the title for them or not.

For this reason, Tuttosport reports, the Lega Serie A could postpone the match between Inter and Torino if the former lose against Milan tomorrow.

That way, it would be likelier that Inter would clinch the title with a result. Rather than the title being clinched due to Milan dropping points after Inter play.