Simone Inzaghi feels that clinching the Serie A title by beating AC Milan is “not an obsession” for Inter Milan.

The Nerazzurri coach spoke in a press conference ahead of tomorrow evening’s Serie A derby clash with the Rossoneri, as reported by FCInterNews.

Tomorrow evening, Inter have the chance to clinch the Serie A title.

And the Nerazzurri would be doing so in very symbolically charged circumstances, should they get it over the line.

Inter are taking on their city rivals Milan in the second derby of the season tomorrow.

That is, to put it mildly, always a hugely significant match in both team’s seasons. That is the case no matter what is at stake in terms of trophies.

And moreover, neither side have ever clinched the title in the derby.

So Inter could be able to do something special, and without historical precedent.

But that does not mean that the Nerazzurri see it as an “obsession” according to the team’s coach.

Inzaghi: Clinching Serie A Vs AC Milan “Not An Obsession” For Inter

“I have to thank everyone who works alongside me,” Inzaghi said.

“First of all the players. And then everyone who works alongside me at the club.”

“They’ve been working with me for many years,” Inzaghi said of his staff. “And they’ve helped me along the way on this long journey.”

“I have a strong club behind me. From the President, down to Marotta, Ausilio, Baccin, Zanetti, Ferro.”

“They love Inter, and are always willing to work together to get past any problems,” Inzaghi said.

“We always look for the best solutions together.”

“Then, we also have the fans behind us.”

“It was a beautiful moment with them even when we lost out on the title on the final day of the season beating Sampdoria. They’ve always been behind us.”

“As far as the timing for the title, we’re all working hard. As we always have over the last three years.”

“If it happens tomorrow, all the better,” Inzaghi said of the prospect of winning the title in the derby. “But for me and for the guys, it’s not an obsession.”

Of tomorrow’s match, Inzaghi said that “The derby is always the derby.”

“We’re feeling great ahead of it.”

“We’ve worked hard because tomorrow could be a special day. But we still have two training sessions to prepare for it at our best.”

“The last few derbies have gone well for us,” Inzaghi continued.

“But tomorrow they count for nothing.”

“What counts is what we do on the pitch,” the Inter coach made clear. “We know we’re coming up against the team who’re second in the table, playing at ‘home’.”

“They’ll do everything to make life difficult for us,” Inzaghi added.

On Zhang Staying, Lautaro Goal Drought & Buchanan Playing Time

Meanwhile, Inzaghi also spoke in response to Inter President Steven Zhang all but confirming that he will remain at the helm of the club.

“I heard what the President said,” the Inter coach said.

“I’m pleased to hear his words. But they’re not a surprise to me.”

“We have a great relationship,” Inzaghi said of Nerazzurri President Zhang.

“I can only thank him for the way that he’s always acted. Particularly during the moments when things haven’t been going so well.”

“I’m happy that he’s one of the most winning Presidents in Inter’s history.”

“As far as my own staying here is concerned, we have only one though,” Inzaghi made clear. “And I know that I have very competent coaching staff and club directors behind me.”

Meanwhile, Inzaghi also addressed the ongoing goal drought of Inter captain Lautaro Martinez. The Argentine has scored 26 times for Inter this season, but not once since February.

“He’s been working well in training,” the Nerazzurri coach said of Martinez.

“He’s a striker who thrives on goals. But he’s staying focused.”

“There have been some breaks, as well as a suspension. He hasn’t played all that much since then.”

“But to me, he looks motivated and focused as ever,” Inzaghi said of his captain.

Then, Inzaghi was asked about wingback Tajon Buchanan. The Inter coach was asked whether players who have been a bit on the fringes of the squad can get more playing time in the remaining matches of the season.

“Absolutely,” the coach resplied.

“Tomorrow we will have everyone available except Cuadrado.”

“He has a bit of muscular fatigue,” Inzaghi said of the former Juventus and Chelsea wingback. “But he’ll be back in full training on Tuesday already.”

“It’s a shame because he was training well before the match against Cagliari,” he added of Cuadrado.

“As far as the other players, they’ll have to do well and earn their places,” Inzaghi said.

“However, everyone is ready to play. But I have to choose eleven players for each match.”