A sizable loan from PIMCO will give Suning more time at Inter Milan, but a sale is still likely to be on the horizon.

This according to today’s print edition of Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport, via FCInterNews. The newspaper report that there will be a call option for PIMCO to buy the club from Suning in 2027.

One thing that now looks clear is that Suning will have at least a bit more time at the helm of Inter.

The Nerazzurri owners are reportedly on the verge of agreeing a new loan from US fund PIMCO, worth over 400 million.

That loan will enable the Inter owners to pay back their debt to Oaktree Capital.

And, by not defaulting on the loan from Oaktree, Suning will avoid having their shares of Inter pass into the hands of the US fund.

However, Tuttosport report, this is still all with a view to a permanent sale sooner or later.

Inter Milan Sale Still Looms Despite PIMCO Loan To Suning

The loan that Suning are set to agree with PIMCO will be a three-year loan. Therefore, the deadline will be in the spring of May 2027.

That kicks the can down the road compared to the now imminent deadline of the loan from Oaktree.

However, it hardly means that Suning will be in charge forever.

And according to Tuttosport, there is a specific aim in mind with the new loan.

The newspaper report that PIMCO expect Suning to look for a buyer for Inter over the next few years.

Naturally, the new deadline gives the Inter owners time and leverage.

But there is still the expectation that Suning will look for a new owner to sell the Nerazzurri to.

And should they not do so before 2027, then there would be a call option in favour of PIMCO. That would allow the US-based fund to purchase Inter from Suning at a set price.