Former Lazio midfielder Marco Parolo feels it would be a “shame” if Inter Milan don’t manage to clinch the Serie A title against AC Milan.

Parolo gave his thoughts on tomorrow’s derby on Italian broadcaster DAZN, via FCInterNews.

Inter have a unique opportunity when they face city rivals AC Milan tomorrow.

The Nerazzurri can do something that’s never happened in Italian football tomorrow – they can clinch the Serie A title in a derby against Milan.

Neither Inter nor the Rossoneri have done so.

Inter need a win in order to make mathematically certain of finishing the Serie A campaign as champions. A draw wouldn’t quite be enough.

Of course, even if Inter fail to beat their city rivals, the sense would be that it is only delaying the inevitable.

Nevertheless, the symbolic significance of celebrating under the noses of their city rivals would be huge for the Nerazzurri.

And for the Rossoneri. That is why Milan will certainly do everything they can to prevent it from happening.

Parolo: “Shame” If Inter Don’t Clinch Serie A Title Vs AC Milan

“If Inter’s season could have a flaw in it at this point, it would be if they don’t clinch the Scudetto in the derby,” Parolo suggested.

“I think the players can’t wait to play this match,” the former Lazio midfielder suggested.

“Because they’re already imagining what could happen.”

“This would be the apotheosis of the journey Inzaghi has had the team on,” said Parolo. The former Italian international spent several years playing under the current Inter coach at Lazio.

“I think he wants to win the title on Monday, so he can go down in history.”

“And then it would certainly be a memorable occasion for the fans.”

“These are the kinds of things that Inzaghi lives for,” Parolo said of the coach, with whom he has plenty of experience. “So he’ll throw everything at it.”

As far as a prediction goes, Parolo said that “For me, Inter will win 2-0.”

“Milan look mentally exhausted to me,” he added. “And the fact they don’t know who their coach will be in the future could have an impact.”