Inter Milan CEO Beppe Marotta expects no problems with contract extensions for Lautaro Martinez and Simone Inzaghi.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia, via FCInterNews, the Nerazzurri executive also addressed the future of President Steven Zhang.

Inter have now won the Serie A title for the second time since Marotta took over as CEO.

The Nerazzurri have done so with a different coach – Simone Inzaghi instead of Antonio Conte – and a group of players that looks quite a bit different.

But the team’s victory is a testament to the work that the club has done to build this squad.

The question for the future will be what Inter will do to keep this team together.

Of course there will be some players on the way out, as there always are. And Inter will undoubtedly work to strengthen and refresh the squad in the transfer market.

But right now, keeping hold of the key figures looks to be the real priority.

Inter captain Lautaro Martinez is currently under contract with Inter until the end of June 2026. And coach Simone Inzaghi’s deal runs until the end of June 2025.

These are by far two of the most important people in Inter winning the title this season. So it’s no surprise that the club reportedly want both to sign new long-term contracts.

Nothing is done yet. The negotiations are still ongoing with the representatives of both.

But for his part, Nerazzurri CEO Beppe Marotta is confident.

Marotta: “No Problems” With Lautaro & Inzaghi Contract Extensions

As far as the big contract situations at the club, Marotta said that “There will be no problems with Lautaro or Inzaghi.”

“They’ve shown great desire to continue on with us.”

“So it will be virtually mandatory for the talks to reach positive conclusions,” the executive said.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m very happy to be at Inter,” Marotta added.

“I’ll stay here as long as my strength and my nerves allow me.”

Marotta called the Serie A title “An objective that we’ve been hunting down.”

“The main dedications have to go out to Zhang, who we spoke with yesterday on a video call. We heard from him yesterday and tonight.”

“Then, to our brilliant fans,” Marotta continued.

“After that it’s right to spread the credit around. Firstly, to our leader, Inzaghi. Then, to all my colleagues – Ausilio, Baccin, Zanetti.”

“And to every part of this club that has in some way supported achieving this extraordinary goal, and with it the second star.”

“We wanted this. I’m absolutely thrilled, so happy.”

Marotta then said that “This is an extraordinary cycle, and we still haven’t gone as high as we can go.”

“We’ve created a model, and gotten the most out of it.”

“Our leader is Inzaghi,” the CEO added. “We’ve supported by always staying closely by his side, even in moments that have been difficult.”

“That’s our strength. We have a hard core of Italian players who have a strong sense of belonging here.”

“Twelve players came in from other clubs last summer,” Marotta noted.

“But the historic group here has something contagious, they manage to spread the Nerazzurri mentality around.”

Confidence For The Future

Meanwhile, Marotta looked to the future despite having just won the Serie A title.

“The hardest thing will be to confirm our place at the top,” he said.

“We have to start again with great humility, and without trying to have a revolution.”

The executive suggested that “We have to maintain our concept of sustainability. Keep a close eye on staying within our budget”

“I believe that none of the Italian teams can afford to waste money.”

“With Ausilio and Baccin beside me, I believe that we can do that,” Marotta was confidence. “I believe the fans must be confident.”

Of the “secret ingredient” for this season’s success, Marotta said that “We managed to keep ourselves closed off.”

“We avoided judgments that would damage our reputation.”

“Ausilio, Baccin, and I are the ones who deal with the transfer market,” Marotta noted.

“But we never panic when there are big departures, like those of Hakimi or Lukaku, who we replaced ably, and with the courage to act and take risks.”

“These are positive characteristics for us to have,” the Inter CEO added.

Meanwhile, Marotta also addressed Inter’s hopes for the Champions League in the future. This season, the Nerazzurri were disappointed to bomb out of the competition after reaching last season’s final.

“The Champions League is a knockout tournament,” the Inter CEO noted.

“And so it’s always made up of moments where you need luck on your side.”

“This season we could’ve done better,” Marotta admitted. “But we weren’t able to be ourselves in Madrid.”

“We have to improve from that. We were missing something there.”

“Now we have to find the right sort of mentality for the Champions League. More that, rather than the tactical one or the competitiveness of the team.”

“Inzaghi really is top-notch in that respect,” the Inter CEO made clear.

Zhang “Determined” To Stay As Inter President

Lastly, Marotta addressed the future of Inter’s ownership.

Recent reports suggest that Suning are aiming to refinance their debt so that they can stay at the helm. But there is still uncertainty as to what exactly the situation will be in a few weeks.

“We spoke with Steven,” the CEO said of Inter President Zhang. “His intention is to stay on at the helm of the club.”

“That’s the most important thing. On his part he has the will to continue, and he is determined to do so.”

“We’re certain that even if he does not, nothing will change,” Marotta also clarified.

“We will continue to move forward with our model.”

“The ownership will announce what happens next as soon as possible,” Marotta said. “But they are still in talks. It’s right to let them work that out.”

Marotta added that “We agree with all of Zhang’s choices.”

“He has allowed us to work with peace and calm, and this has been enough to allow us to complete our work.”