Carlo Cottarelli continues to believe that Interspac could be an asset to Inter Milan if the owners were to give the project a chance.

The Interspac President spoke to Virgilio Sport, via FCInterNews. He claimed that there is interest from as many as 80,000 fans in a fan ownership project.

For the past several years, Cottarelli has been pursuing a project to transition Inter to a model of being partly fan-owned.

The aim of his Interspac project is to have individual fans buy up significant amounts of shares in the Nerazzurri.

In this respect, Cottarelli’s vision is similar to the Bundesliga’s well-known “50+1” rule mandating that supporters own a controlling share in clubs.

And it is quite different from the current model in Italy.

All of the teams in Serie A currently have private owners who own a controlling share of the club. And fan shareholding is not a significant factor.

For Inter, the majority shareholders and owners are Suning.

Cottarelli has made overtures towards the current owners to try and collaborate. Not necessarily for Interspac to displace the current owners with a fan-owned model, but to bring investment from individual fans.

To date, however, Suning have not given any indications that they want to work with Cottarelli and Interspac.

Cottarelli: Interspac Can Add Value To Inter

Interspac President Cottarelli gave his thoughts on Inter’s financial situation. He said that the club’s accounts have “absolutely improved.”

“In the year that COVID hit, there were losses of 250 million.”

“With this year’s revenues, we’re getting close to breaking even,” he continued.

“What can I say?” Cottarelli then joked. “Inter are certainly in better shape financially than the Italian government!”

Then, Cottarelli said that Interspac “Could certainly add value” to Inter.

“The capital investment would allow the club to pay off debts,” he predicted.

Cottarelli said that “80,000 Inter fans have said that they’re willing to invest in the project.”

“However, there’s still no intention on the part of the club to make it happen,” he admitted.