A report in the Italian media expects Inter Milan to receive 100 million euros as fresh funds from their plan to refinance the Oaktree Capital loan.

The club’s owners Suning loaned 275 million euros from the US-based investment company to cover Inter’s operational costs back in May 2021.

The Chinese company must repay the debt along with its interest by the 20th of May, 2024.

But with the deadline fast approaching, Suning are working on a solution to avoid a default.

In recent days, Pimco has emerged as a new possible partner for the Chinese group in their plan to refinance the debt.

The Californian company could reportedly take over from Oaktree, becoming Suning’s creditor. This would buy the Nerazzurri owners additional time at the helm of the club.

According to Tuttosport via FcInterNews, the new agreement with Pimco should be for three years. Therefore, the deadline will be in June 2027 and the interest rate is set above 12%.

Moreover, the Turin-based newspaper claims Pimco will provide Suning with 500 million euros in total. Oaktree will collect approximately 400M to exit the scene.

Inter Milan Will Have 100M Euros At Disposal Thanks To Oaktree Loan Refinance Plan

Thus, the remaining 100M will be at Inter’s disposal. The club would be able to use it to cover operational costs. However, Suning will eventually have to repay Pimco’s 500M loan by 2027.

As the source explains, the Nerazzurri owners will be counting on the club’s improved finances thanks to increased revenues between Serie A TV rights, Champions League prize money and the Club World Cup in 2025.

However, the source notes that Inter still has another bond worth 392 million euros to repay by February 9th, 2027.