Inter Milan owners Suning are seeking a solution for the Oaktree Capital loan with the deadline day fast approaching.

The Chinese group loaned 275 million euros from the US-based investment company to cover the club’s operational costs in May 2021. They must repay the debt plus the interest before the 20th of May, 2024.

If Suning fail to find a solution, they risk losing control over their majority shares at Inter.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport via FcInterNews, three different paths have surfaced.

The first solution would be converting Oaktree’s debt into capital shares. This would transmit the company’s financial risk from one shape to another.

The second path leads towards a refinancing plan. This one has been well-illustrated over the last few days, with Pimco emerging as a possible ally for Suning in this regard.

In this scenario, a new party (possibly Pimco) would pay out Oaktree’s debt and subsequently replace the latter as Suning’s creditor. This would buy the Chinese group additional time at Inter’s helm, but also risk raising the interest rate even further.

But as the source reveals, this solution remains uncertain for now.

The Three Possible Solutions For Inter Milan Owners Suning To Settle The Oaktree Loan

Finally, the third solution would see a new investor settling Oaktree’s debt on behalf of Suning in exchange for capital shares at Inter.

This operation would cost the new party around 400 million euros. But as the Roman newspaper explains, Suning may struggle to find a new partner that is willing to save the day, especially if his investment won’t guarantee him majority stakes at the club.

But whatever the solution will be, Suning must pull it off swiftly. After all, the Oaktree loan will expire in less than a month.