Former Lazio captain Senad Lulic feels that Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi has continued to improve with each passing season.

Lulic spoke to Italian outlet, praising not just Inzaghi but also the 48-year-old coach’s staff.

Inzaghi is now getting recognition as one of the outstanding coaches in Europe.

Joining Inter was a key step for the 48-year-old.

Inzaghi has fit in perfectly with the Nerazzurri’s project. He has built Inter into a team capable of reaching the Champions League final and winning the Serie A title in dominant fashion.

Before he came to the San Siro, though, Inzaghi was coach of Lazio.

There, the current Inter boss really laid down his reputation in Serie A.

Lulic captained the Biancocelesti for several seasons while Inzaghi was at the club. So the Bosnian got a close look at how the coach works.

Ex Lazio Coach Senad Lulic Full Of Praise For Simone Inzaghi

“I’m very happy for Inzaghi,” said former Lazio captain Lulic. “And also for all his staff.”

“They’re all great people, and very serious. Farris, Ripert, and all the rest.”

The former Biancocelesti captain continued that “Simone is the person whose face is in the limelight.”

“But the others who work with him are also great at what they do, and deserve this success.”

Lulic observed that from his time at Lazio, “They’re a very balanced coaching staff.”

“They don’t all just think with one mind,” he explained.

“They often read situations differently. If everyone in the coaching staff always thinks in the same way, then in my opinion that’s not a positive.”

Lulic continued that “Inzaghi improves with each year.”

“But that’s normal. He has more experienced now.”

“At first, he was criticized for how he would substitute off players who got booked,” Lulic noted. “But in the end he’s been proven right.”

“He and his coaching staff do very well in training, even if now, playing every three days, it’s hard to find the time that’s necessary.”

“Preparation therefore becomes increasingly important, and Inzaghi’s staff do very well in that respect.”