Inter Milan assistant coach Massimiliano Farris believes that the Nerazzurri can remain at the highest level for a long time.

The Nerazzurri assistant coach filled in for Simone Inzaghi speaking to DAZN, via FCInterNews, after his team’s Serie A win over Torino.

Inter did not exactly need to beat Torino. They had already wrapped up the Serie A title a week ago.

Nevertheless, yet another victory in the league just served to underline why Inter have been as dominant as they have been in the Italian top flight this season.

It was another clean sheet, and another couple of goals, from Inter.

This was yet another demonstration that the Nerazzurri will hardly feel that their work is done with this season’s league title.

Inter Assistant Coach Farris: “We Can Compete At Highest Level A Long Time”

“Simone has already said it in interviews,” Inter assistant coach Farris said. “We’re aware that in the first season here we let something slip away that we should have already had in the bag.”

“This season, we’ve gotten payback for everything, though.”

Farris added “When we enjoy our football like this, playing this way, the result makes achieving our goal even more worthwhile.”

“We’re convinced that this team will be able to compete at the highest level for a long time,” he went on.

“Simone has perhaps absorbed too much criticism,” Farris continued.

“We’re Inter. We have a certain quality that everyone recognizes.”

“The defeats that we suffered last season also began our journey to the Champions League final,” Farris added.

“That didn’t end the way we would have liked. But it was the beginning of a brilliant journey for us.”

“We try to create the right atmosphere,” Farris said of the work behind the scenes at Inter.

“We’re fortunate that we have guys who have always put themselves completely at the disposal of the group.”

“It’s a pleasure to come to work every day,” Farris added.

“We get immense pleasure from sharing these moments. We enjoy ourselves.”