Inter Milan’s exclusive right to conduct a feasibility study on a stadium in the commune of Rozzano expires today.

This according to Italian news outlet Calcio e Finanza. The outlet report that there is as of yet no agreement regarding an extension of the deadline.

At the moment, the situation regarding Inter’s new stadium is very much up in the air.

Both the Nerazzurri and city rivals AC Milan have moved away from San Siro plans. Because the clubs cannot receive approval to demolish and replace the iconic stadium, they are pursuing plans elsewhere.

For Inter, that means the commune of Rozzano. For Milan, on the other hand, they are focusing on the San Donato area.

The Rossoneri have already spent around 40 million purchasing land in San Donato.

Inter, on the other hand, have yet to make a land purchase in Rozzano. They have, however, spent over 1 million on project costs related to the area.

Inter Exclusive Right On Rozzano Stadium Feasibility Study Expires

What Inter have had, however, is the exclusive right to conduct a feasibility study in Rozzano.

However, as of yet, the Nerazzurri have not carried out such a study.

The big reason for this is that Inter have not yet firmed up their plans.

There is still a faint hope that the Nerazzurri – and possibly also Milan – could stay at the San Siro.

This is because Milan Mayor Beppe Sala hopes the renovate the stadium so it meets the clubs’ needs.

That possibility looms as Inter and Milan await a feasibility study on those renovations.

In the meantime, Inter’s exclusive right in Rozzano is about to expire. It runs until the end of April.

However, that does not mean that Inter will not continue to move forward in the area.

Just that now Inter will have to try and renegotiate with the commune of Rozzano and conduct a feasibility study in the future.