Inter Milan defender Alessandro Bastoni is happy with his role in the team under the guidance of Simone Inzaghi.

The 25-year-old has been a pillar for the club over the past few years, and continues to make leaps and bounds with every new season.

In addition to his defensive prowess, the Italian possesses a formidable passing range.

Inzaghi has proved to be the ideal coach to bank on Bastoni’s various attributes.

Therefore, the centre-back expresses his joy for being able to play modern football under the 48-year-old’s tutelage.

“It’s great that we’re showcasing what modern football is,” said the former Atalanta man in his interview with Sky Sport Italia via FcInterNews.

“It’s an evolution that came with Mr. Inzaghi. Before he arrived, we used to play a classic 3-5-2, which now we hardly maintain.

“I like to dart forward or drift wide. We have an understanding and harmony where we all know what our teammate will do. We trust each other.”

Alessandro Bastoni Enjoys Playing Modern Football Under Inter Milan Coach Simone Inzaghi

Bastoni also discussed the great responsibility that fell on Lautaro Martinez’s shoulders when the club appointed him captain last summer.

“Lautaro inherited a great responsibility. Samir [Handanovic] was an incredible personality in the dressing room. It wasn’t easy to replace him.

“However, Lautaro plays the role in a different way, because he is of a different age. He seeks advice from us ‘senators’.

“This makes me very happy because it raises everyone’s awareness and responsibility. I like how he interprets the captain’s role.”

Finally, the defender identified Marcus Thuram as the new signing who surprised him the most.

“He was the one who surprised me most of all. I didn’t think he could have such a strong impact on our football.

“We had played against him when he was at Borussia Moenchengladbach and he hadn’t impressed me that much.

“But now, he’s a different beast. He has a great physique, he’s intelligent in his movements and works hard for the team.”