Legendary former Juventus and Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini feels it’s “incredible” that red tape hasn’t allowed Inter Milan and AC Milan to build a new stadium.

Speaking to the BSMT_Basment podcast, via FCInter1908, the ex-Bianconeri captain gave his thoughts on the stadium situation in Milan in particular, and in Italy more generally.

Inter and Milan have been trying to build a new stadium for years now.

For quite a few years, the clubs had a clear plan. They were aiming to demolish the existing San Siro, and build a new stadium in the same location.

However, there were constant bureaucratic delays that held up those plans.

And then, the final nail in the coffin. There is an injunction against demolishing the iconic stadium.

Therefore, Inter and Milan have had to pursue alternative plans.

The two clubs have each gone their separate ways.

Rather than working to build a new stadium together in a different location, the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri are ready to each have their own stadium after decades of sharing the San Siro.

Inter are pursuing plans in the commune of Rozzano.

Milan, on the other hand, are focusing their offers on the San Donato area.

Giorgio Chielini: “Increcible” Inter & AC Milan Can’t Get Stadium Built

There is still the possibility that Inter and Milan could actually stay in the San Siro.

The reason that the clubs have been so insistent on building a new stadium is that, even though the San Siro is an iconic stadium, it is not a modern one.

Therefore, the clubs feel that they have gone as far as they can go to modernize their infrastructure.

Also in order to keep revenues competitive with their biggest European rivals, new stadiums are needed.

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala is hoping that he can convince the clubs to stay.

The Mayor’s aim is to renovate the stadium so that it can meet the needs of Inter and Milan.

However, this means that there is even more uncertainty in what’s already been a situation with far more twists and turns than Inter or Milan would have wanted.

As it stands, the only club in Italy to have managed to get past the bureaucratic hurdles and build a new stadium in Italy in recent memory is Chiellini’s old team Juventus.

The former Italy international remarked that “If they can’t even get a stadium built in Milan, then it means we’re really doing badly.”

“Milan is the engine of Italy,” he continued.

“It’s the face of Italy in Europe and the world.”

Chiellini mused that “If Milan has these sorts of problems, think of the rest of the country.

“If you have clubs deciding to go down this path it means that there’s no possibility to do it. Or it’s too expensive. Compared to what the final result would be.”

The former defender stated that “It seems incredible to me that they can’t get a stadium built in Milan.”

“Or in Florence, let alone in Rome.”