Simone Inzaghi feels that Inter Milan are like a “family” and have achieved something “incredible” with the Serie A title.

The Nerazzurri coach wrote a letter in the aftermath of the Nerazzurri’s triumph over the second star, published in today’s print edition of the Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews.

It’s finally come for Inzaghi and Inter – the Nerazzurri are Serie A champions.

This is a big milestone for Inzaghi personally. The former Lazio coach had never won the Serie A title previously.

And for Inter as well, it’s a big title.

The Nerazzurri have now won the Serie A title on twenty occasions in their history.

That means that the club can now sew a second star on their shirts – one for each ten titles.

Simone Inzaghi: “Second Star Incredible, Inter Milan A Family”

Inzaghi writes, “Welcome to out history, made up of passion and great victories.”

“The second star belongs to the Nerazzurri of Milan,” he goes on.

“From the very start there was only one goal: To make the city and all our fans proud.”

“We have so many wonderful fans, who have always been close by our side,” Inzaghi writes. “United with great passion and love for our colours.”

“I’m proud to share with you the story of this extraordinary journey for this great club. But above all for all my players, an everyone who loves Inter.”

“This season we reached an incredible milestone,” Inzaghi writes. “Which gives us a place in history.”

“The road to this success was beautiful. The second star on our chests represents the effort, sacrifices, and talent of all the people who make up our history.”

Like “Grande Inter” – One Of The Most Important Pages In Inter History

Inzaghi writes that “Like Herrera’s Grande Inter who won the first star many years ago, today we’re writing one of the most important pages in the history of our club.”

Inzaghi then writes, “Special thanks to our President Steven Zhang, who wanted me at Inter and has always been by our side. Never letting us want for anything.”

“Thanks to all the directors with whom I have worked. Who have put us in a position to do our job as best as possible.”

“Thanks to all my staff, and to all the people with whom I have shared this wonderful journey.”

Inzaghi concludes that “Over the last three years together, with the club, my players, and this fantastic working group, we’ve played great football, faced challenges, and won numerous trophies.”

“We played a great match in the Champions League final. We could’ve been luckier there.”

“We’ve always tried to keep our colours at the highest level possible,” Inzaghi writes.

“And make the fans who follow us each week and urge us to do better proud.”

“That’s what we’ll keep doing in every new challenge that awaits us,” Inzaghi adds.

“I hope that our story can inspire those who dream to achieve their own goals.”

“I hope we show that with work every day, determination, and sacrifice, each wish can become reality.”

“In the most difficult moments, we bonded even more, and became a family.”

“I will never forget this,” Inzaghi.

“The good is never forgotten, and lives on forever,” the Inter coach concludes.