Inter Milan cannot finish the season as “centurion” by reaching 100 points in the Serie A after their surprise loss away to Sassuolo yesterday evening.

This is highlighted in today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera, via FCInterNews.

Inter lost 1-0 against Sassuolo yesterday evening.

That was only the Nerazzurri’s second loss of the season. The other one had come, ironically enough, against Sassuolo as well, in the autumn.

Inter have otherwise won 28 matches, and drawn three.

That relentless form has seen the Nerazzurri romp to the Serie A title. They are currently eighteen points clear of second place Milan, even having lost yesterday.

Inter Milan Cannot Finish Serie A Season As “Centurions”

One thing that Inter cannot do, however, is finish the season with a points total in the triple digits.

Prior to yesterday’s match in Emilia-Romagna, that would have been on the table.

Had Inter won yesterday – and then went on to win their remaining three matches of the campaign – they would finish with a points total of 101.

That would not have been enough to break the Serie A points record for a single season. That belongs to Juventus, who finished the 2013-14 campaign with 102 points.

However, hitting a hundred points would carry plenty of symbolic significance.

Of course, Inter could still finish the season with a points total in the high nineties.

But the sheer rarity of “centurion” seasons makes it quite some accomplishment, not unlike going an entire campaign unbeaten.

The Bianconeri’s aforementioned 2013-14 season remains the only such campaign in the history of Serie A.

Meanwhile, Manchester City managed the feat in the Premier League in the 2017-18 season.

But Inter will not be joining their ranks.

Having wrapped up the Serie A title a couple of weeks ago, Inter do not have all that much left to fight for at this stage. But they cannot fight to finish with a hundred points.