Former Nerazzurri President Massimo Moratti believes that there is one particular trait that defines Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi.

Moratti spoke to Milan-based newspaper Corriere della Sera in an interview published in today’s print edition, via FCInter1908. He highlighted how Inzaghi “never gives up.”

Inzaghi has now been at Inter for right around three years.

It has not quite been continuous growth from the former Lazio coach. There have been some real stumbles that have marked the coach’s time at the helm.

For example, Inter lost twelve matches last season.

It would be putting it mildly to say that that fell well below expectations.

But the Nerazzurri never quite spun out of control. Right when they looked to be on the brink, Inzaghi brought the team back with a roaring end to last season.

That saw Inter reach the Champions League final, where they only narrowly lost to Manchester City.

Then this season, Inter carried that momentum through.

The Nerazzurri have been the dominant force in Serie A. They have easily seen off the likes of AC Milan and Juventus to clinch the Serie A title.

That is the first title for Inzaghi as a coach.

Massimo Moratti: “Never Giving Up” The Secret To Inter Coach Inzaghi

As far as the “secret” to Inzaghi’s success, Moratti said that “The way I see it, he never gives up.”

“He’s never satisfied,” said the former President. “He always seeks improvement.”

“Both of the players at his disposal, and of the collective, the team.”

“I believe that that’s an important quality.”

“He’s good, excellent, in terms of motivating the players,” Moratti added.

“And then he has another quality. He works a lot on bringing the entire group up to a high level.”

Meanwhile, Moratti also praised Inter CEO Beppe Marotta.

“Marotta knows what he’s doing,” said the former Nerazzurri President. “He’s capable. He’s taken on full responsibility for the running of the club.”

“He is willing to be exposed publicly, and he carries out his role as CEO with authority.”

“Then in the transfer market, he and Ausilio are able to close deals and contracts that are beneficial to the team.”

“It’s not easy to operate within certain conditions,” Moratti noted.