Simone Inzaghi is hinting that Inter Milan have some big plans in store for the summer transfer window.

The Nerazzurri coach spoke while accepting the Bulgarelli Priza from Arrigo Sacchi, via FCInterNews.

Inter have had a truly memorable season. The Nerazzurri have won the Serie A title for the twentieth time in their history.

Inter clinched the second star in historic circumstances, doing so in the derby against AC Milan.

And all season long, the Nerazzurri have been the dominant force in Serie A.

It’s been nothing short of a gift to the Inter faithful from Inzaghi and his players.

Now the question would seem to be: What comes next?

There are three more matches to go, and then it will be the time for the summer transfer window. And Inter could be looking to build a team that’s even stronger than this season’s.

Inzaghi Teases Big Inter Summer Plans: “Our Fans Deserve The Best”

Inzaghi said that “I’m fortunate enough to have a club behind me that’s always keeping alert to all the opportunities.”

“I’m always looking to move forward,” the Inter coach continued. “Because in football there’s always room for improvement.”

“Even in spite of the constraints and the budgetary restrictions. Because our fans deserve the best.”

Meanwhile, Inzaghi also gave his thoughts on the expanded fixture list next season.

“It will be a new season for everyone,” said the Inter coach.

“Usually, at the end of the season we go on vacation.”

“Instead, this time we’ll play at the Club World Cup,” noted the Nerazzurri coach.

“Along with the club and the athletic trainer, we’re organizing so that everything is ready for that,” Inzaghi added.

Of this season’s accomplishments, Inzaghi said that “This Scudetto brings us joy, because we know that we’ve made millions of Inter fans who have been waiting for a long time for the second star.”

“For us, it’s a great source of joy,” the coach added.

“And then, I’d also point out that it’s not just this season’s Inter – because this team has been playing with a certain formation and principles of play for the last three years.”

“That allowed us to win six trophies, and reach the Champions League final,” Inzaghi noted.

“So we’re happy with what we’ve done. And it’s right for us to enjoy it along with our fantastic fans.”

“Now, we always have to look ahead,” Inzaghi added. “We know what we’ve done in the last three years.”

“We’ve seen a lot. But we want to keep winning.”

“The club is already working to ensure that there will be even more improvements,” the Nerazzurri coach hinted. “So that we can keep bringing joy to these fantastic fans.”