Arrigo Sacchi admits he can be “harsh” on Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi – but says he wants to give him motivation.

The legendary former AC Milan coach was full of praise for Inzaghi when he present the Pulgarelli Prize to the 48-year-old, as reported by FCInterNews.

Sacchi is known for being a pundit with strong opinions.

And the former Rossoneri and Italy coach has never hidden his criticisms of Inzaghi since the 48-year-old became coach of Inter.

There have been a few consistent themes in Sacchi’s criticisms of Inzaghi.

He feels that the former Lazio coach has relied too much on individual quality. He has argued that Inter do not press proactively enough, and that they rely too much on opposition errors.

Arrigo Sacchi: “I’m Harsh On Inzaghi – But To Push Him In The Right Direction”

Nevertheless, Sacchi has also been more than willing to be more generous to Inzaghi.

And in recent months, the former Milan coach has been particularly complimentary.

In the view of Sacchi, Inzaghi has learned and grown over the course of his time at the helm of Inter.

Sacchi said of Inzaghi that “I’ve been harsh on him at times.”

“But I’ve always tried to push him in the right direction,” the former Milan coach said.

“And I’m very happy to see him on the path that he’s on. He’s become a strategist.”

“This season Inter won the title deservedly,” Sacchi continued.

The former Rossoneri coach argued that “You don’t get anywhere in football by being ‘clever.’ Football is a collective sport, you need to play with all eleven men.”

“But not that many Italian teams play with all eleven men,” Sacchi argued.,

“And that’s one respect in which we can improve.”

The former Milan coach gave the view that “We don’t play as a team. It’s difficult to do so unless we look for reliable players, players who give everything that they can.”